Saturday, 29 August 2009

Advanced Leadership

A discussion on LinkedIn asked whether authentic leadership was a fad. Someone then said leadership was leadership and lets call it that. My response was:

Leadership has been blamed on the world's current crisis so when we talk of leadership I think we're in danger of being tarred with the same brush. I'm not sure authentic leadership is the right term to use but is certainly describes for me what we're looking for from business leaders and politicians. We're being asked to develop a new way of working that has authenticity, Integrity and Trust as its base.

It's a bit like having your driving licence and now being asked to demonstrate you can be an advanced driver. We use a different term to demonstrate mastery of the skills - some drivers don't need to change what they do to move from driver to advanced driver because they already do them - others need to learn skills and change their behaviour. The term advanced driver highlights to drivers they have another step to take if they want to take it to the next level.